Rental facilities offered

Steelcraft quality products are kept right in your facility—with no minimum rental commitment. You have immediate access to patient-ready equipment required for placements, so you can quickly respond to your patients’ needs.

Customer Commitment – Steelcraft units are stored within your facility. You provide an in-house resource to assist in managing the program internally, and notify Steelcraft when units have been installed or removed.
Services Include:

  • Immediate on-site access to equipment required for patient placement.
  • When notified that product has been removed, Steelcraft will disinfect and clean product between each patient placement and perform and pre-installation maintenance required
  • Ongoing user training and in-servicing as needed.
  • Repair response within 24 hours of request during normal business hours.
  • Excess equipment removed upon request during scheduled visits.


For more information please contact Sonal Mistry
Tel: 022 4333 0360 / 4333 0370
Contact Timings: 10 am to 6 pm.