Utility CARE 4000 – Hi-Low ICU Bed (with ‘U’ shape S.S. Bows)


Utility CARE 4000 – Hi-Low ICU Bed (with ‘U’ shape S.S. Bows)

Hi-Low ICU Bed (with ‘U’ shape S.S. Bows)

Standard Features

  • 4 Mechanical functions on 4 cranks on bearings.
  • Back raising Hi-Low, Knee raising and Tilting (trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg)
  • 4 sections of steel frame with mattress area of CRC strips of 18 gauge to facilitate cleaning and better mattress ventilation as per FDA norms world wide.
  • Anti-squeeze back rest and knee movements.
  • Stainless steel removable bows with removable laminated  panels.
  • One stainless steel telescopic I.V. pole can be located at 4 corners with storage under sleep deck.
  • Urine bag hooks provided on both sides.
  • 12.5 cm (5″) castors, two nos. with brakes
  • Aluminium collapsible railings below sleep back
  • Corner roller bumpers.
  • Epoxy, powder coated finished.


Additional Features at extra cost (Accessories)

  • Full Length stainless steel drop railings at extra cost
  • Lifting Pole
  • 4 section mattress
  • Base cover